crude, raw, rude, indigestive ...

hmm ... now, maybe that doesn’t seem like a good description for a product.

Well, Krude isn’t ‘fashion’, it isn’t a fast-moving or exploitative business
and it doesn’t buy into the capitalist principle of earning as much as
possible with as little effort (preferably someone else’s) as possible.

Krude is made for radical temperaments as well as for daydreamers.
People who push their boundaries in order to live out their ideals have to
have the power to resist – and so does Krude.
Krude adapts to its wearer, rather than the other way round.

If for you the words ‘regular sizes’ are a personal challenge, now you can
relax because Krude can make all articles of clothing fit to your own vision of
what looks good.
Krude is pretty much the opposite of mass production, its fair produced in berlin,
but still aims to offer a good price-to-performance ratio.

That means that at first glance the prices are higher than you can find
in a discount store – but the clothes last much longer.
Durability instead of consumption.
Kruse doesn’t churn out five new collections a year, but there are always
new pieces coming out and you can always be sure of finding your old favourites.
And finally, Krude won’t steal your thunder – the design will always let you be
the main attraction, letting you decide if you want to be trendy…or not.

Krude is for people who know that they don’t know their place in the
world – and who frankly don’t care.